Sunday Brunch: Annie 1, Damansara Uptown


Woke up late on the lazy Sunday morning. Decided to eat at Annie1, Damansara Uptown after cramping my brain on what to eat on that day. Even tweeted about it to ask what’s the best place to eat. My guy picked me up from my house and drive around Uptown to look for food. We just randomly decided that any food will do, then Annie1 it is!


One of the chosen dish is the Wantan Mee Soup. The texture of the noodles are very smooth and delicious too. It’s not the typical boric-acid loaded plastic taste kind of noodles that I always get from the low quality noodles. Soup, the taste is very sweet and tasty too. It’s not MSG loaded either. You can taste the difference. Wantan, is so-so only. Nothing special about it. Char Siew that added also contribute the tasty flavor in the noodles soup too. Worth to try it again next time if I come here again.

Price: RM5.90


I ordered Char Siew Rice for myself. The sauce is very smooth and sweet. Tasty. I love it! The Char Siew is very fatty but I’m not complaining about it. Not too dry and it’s chewy too. The meat is quite tender and it’s served hot as well. That’s another thumb up. Unfortunately, the rice is too dry and hard if you are looking for a perfect combination. Well, meat is good, rice need more improvement. Perhaps, better water measurement next time.

Price: RM5.90


Both of us are so hungry that we decided to order this Curry Laksa Supreme. Well, that’s what it says in the menu. Supreme – means it’s curry added with Char Siew, Wantan & Pork Balls, etc. Why Supreme? Reason being most tables on that day have this bowl on their table. I’m curious whether this is the popular dish from Annie1 or everyone just have the cravings for curry laksa.


Though my big pimple exploded I’m still not going to “pantang makan” and just go ahead with spicy food! The soup is very tasty and it’s rich with the ingredients. The rest. GOOD! What more can I say. The soup itself makes me can’t stop eating the whole bowl. Lick till it’s clean!

Price: RM8.50


Food   4.5/5

Service   4/5

The system is easy. Just write down what you wanted to order on the order sheet. Then press ‘CALL’ on the small device on your table and the waiter will collect the order sheet from you within minutes. Straight forward way of order taking. No mistake. No delay.

Ambience    2.5/5

Nothing special. A simple design of the place. But it’s clean and not that stuffy inside as it’s well ventilated place.


Photo Taken from

18-20, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Business hours : Mon-Fri – 7.30am – 9.30pm, Sat-Sun, PH – 8.30am – 3.30pm

GPS Coordinates  :3.137292,101.622545

Will I come again next time? Sure!

*Photo Taken using iPhone


Simple Saturday Lunch at Dish Deli

Every Wednesday, we attended BNI meeting religiously from 6.45am until 8.45am. We are served with the delicious food prepared by Dish Deli. From bruschetta to the lovely taste of lasagna, we decided to try the food as it is during non-BNI day. So we chose, Saturday lunch. When we walked in, I felt awkward as the arrangement of the table is totally different. Duh! Of course it is. It’s not a meeting venue anymore, silly! I still remember that there was a bridal shower lunch going on in the cafe. We thought it was closed for private function, but luckily it’s not.
I ordered the Pink Guava for a drink as it was highly recommended by the owner. Without hesitation, we just proceed to order it and we find the drink is truly refreshing. Not too sweet and I did enjoyed the selection of drink that day. Unfortunately, when I wanted to order the 2nd glass, it was sold out. That showed how popular the Pink Guava is.
We ordered Roasted Lamb for Me and meatloaf for him. While waiting for the food to arrive, few snapshots of the place are taken to show you how simple design could revive the whole ambiance into a relaxing and elegant feeling.
Let’s start with the art painting that was given as a gift to the owner. 
The arrangement of the tables and chairs. The lighting also simple with subtle designs.
That’s the picture taken. If you are wondering, the 2 ladies are the owners of Dish Deli
For parents with small children, you still can enjoy your lunch as your kids will be enjoying the small area of play space for them to get occupied.
For the ladies or gentlemen who wish to hang out and chill after meal, feel free to sit at the couch here for a relaxing chat with your friends.
Before you leave the cafe, do feel free to buy few take away frozen nutritious food. This is ideal for busy young professionals or young parents with tight daily schedule.All ingredients are freshly made and frozen. With short period of time in heating the food, you still can enjoy fresh nutritious food at your own comfort of your home.
Tick tock tick tock… With no long waiting time involved, our food are here!
This is my roasted lamb served with grilled carrots and potatoes. The juicy lamb meat texture indeed a great experience that I haven’t tasted it for quite a while. It’s so tender and the gravy sauce, is SUPERB! I would love to eat this often. Unfortunately, roast meat only available during the weekends. Oh well, fair enough. I still could enjoy it, only weekends.
Price: RM31.90
He ordered meatloaf that also served with grilled carrots and mashed potatoes, that topped with tasty brown sauce. I “curi” a piece of it for a taste. The texture is very tender even if the meat is well cooked. What can I say more? It’s delicious. The mashed potatoes is very well mixed with butter as you can taste the milky salty taste when you grab a bite of it. Addictive I would say as I can’t stop “curi”-ing his mashed potatoes too.
Price: RM25.90
We ordered Bruschetta with mushroom just to satisfy my cravings! Though we had this almost every Wednesday after the meeting for breakfast, I still like to eat it even on non-BNI day.
Price: forgot! Definitely less than RM15.00   Sorry…. 😦
Overall Verdict:
Food   : 8/10
Service :  8/10
Price    :  8.5/10 (affordable and reasonable)
Ambiance : 8/10
Feel free to check out their Facebook page by click HERE.

Check out their website too by click HERE.

The address:
No 13A, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mon’t Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6203 0326
Fax: 03 6203 0427
Our opening hours: Tues – Fri 12 noon – 10 pm and Sat – Sun 10 am – 10 pm.

Valentine Meal that I love to share….

Valentine’s Day is a day that every couple looking forward to. Men might need to crack their heads to decide what to do on that special day. Ladies are anxiously waiting what’s coming to them on that special day. Perhaps this year going to do a different taste with different style. Candlelight dinner maybe kinda old school to the new generation. Perhaps fusion concept that mixed the East and West might attract the young couple. Women would love to try something new as it would excite them. Do you agree?
Who would have though appetizer can be a Japanese fusion with a bit of Oriental taste? Not to forget, you could add a little bit different spice with the YuZu Orange Wasabe Mayo. These ingredients would triggered your taste bud and ready for the main course.
Double boiled soup chicken style chicken broth! That’s the double chicken taste in there served with the taste of the Kumomoto Oyster and Lychee jam. Looks good and it may sound weird, but I like the slight sweetness in the oyster. Oyster was fresh and it doesn’t smell that bad. When you tasted it, you know it’s a quality selected oyster. For those who scared to eat a raw food, I think it’s not that bad for you to try for the 1st time.
The main course I tried the Beef Medaglione al Forno topped with Mushroom Ragout. It added with the Berries Balsamice and Raisin Bordelaise Sauce. That is a very long name.The beef was prepared in medium. Of course, if you would prefer a well done steak, it’s perfectly fine. I prefer it cooked medium though. 
Dessert will the last of course and I’m lucky to try the chocolate cheese mousse and strawberry dipped served with caramelized Granny Smith Apple. Another long name to remember. Basically, just one word to describe this. That is “SWEET”.  But again, no matter how sweet it is, I can’t finished it. Too much for me to digest in the end. Not to worry, you could always share the abundant sweetness with your loved one. In fact, a valentine meal should ended with loads of sweetness, don’t you think so?

I would like to thank Advertlets & Holiday Villa, Hotel & Suites Subang for the invitation. Holiday Villa is a premier 5-star business resort and club that offers ideal gateway for business and leisure. Valentine’s Day is over though but fret not!  You could always come and enjoy what they have to offer you for a short gateway from hectic city life. It’s strategically located just 25km from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 
Food          : 7/10
Ambiance   : 8/10
9, Jalan SS12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Telephone  : 603-5633 8788
Fax           : 603-5663 7449
Email        :

Modern Sushi this time?

Again. Where to catch up? Perhaps it’s time to try the new sushi place in Sunway Pyramid. I attended the launch and I am pretty much like the food selection. The ambiance is modern and they have a bar too. How cool is that?! Called up my long time high school good friend for a meet up. Robot Sushi is the place to go this time.
Started off with a starter, i.e. ChawaMushi. Steam egg with tasty Gingko nut at the bottom created soothing feeling every bite. Just be cautious as it’s too hot when it’s served and if you decided to slurp into your mouth just like that, just don’t burn your lips.

This one might wrong to me. It looked like something you see a lot in the toilet bowl. But again, it’s not what you think! It’s beef in the outside with cheesy taste in the inside. Trust me. It was so good that we ordered twice for the same dish. Well, never judge the book by its cover. It may looked shitty outside but it’s a real food that makes you order more!

Sashimi are fresh and cold enough when served. I can’t say no the lovely Sashimi that I will never fail to order every time I go for a Japanese restaurant. In fact, there is another dish that I will always ordered and quite particular whether it’s served hot instead of cold. Hot n Cold. Confused. Nothing to be confused of. I just want my cold fresh sashimi and a hot served Miso Soup. These 2 enough to make me a happy customer. See! It’s not hard eh!

The soft shell crab is not a bad idea to order when you come here. It’s quite oily on the surface. The deep fried crab is quite juicy in the inside though. It’s hot enough when served to us that night. 2 thumbs up for this one. But I didn’t ordered the 2nd plate as I am going to make my cholesterol shot up pretty fast if I do that. Control!

The creativity is there when serving the sushi. It seems that the modern concept of Japanese sushi here is focus on the long trail type of serving. Either like a train or a long centipede! God know why they did that. But still it attracted my attention and I can’t stop taking more snapshots to these long centipede sushi.

Did I mentioned about a bar? Yes I did! Plasma TV? Hell yea! So, I mentioned before it’s a modern concept of a Japanese restaurant in the city, I bet the boys gonna love the place here. While the ladies drinking and eating with their cocktails, the boys might wanna catch up with the latest EPL game here in the Japanese Restaurant. Good combination for us.
Food                4/5
Price                4/5
Service             3.5/5
Ambiance         3.5/5
For more info, log on to ROBOT SUSHI. 
It located at 2 outlets. Sunway Pyramid and 1Utama.

K Pop? Let’s go K Lunch with KimchiHaru

Thanks to Kenneth and Mag, I’ve enjoyed a Korean lunch with a budget set meal and of course with a nice environment with its simple yet elegant decoration. Out of the few choices from set meal menu, I choose KimChiJiGae with rice. The meal was served hot and the spicy soup tingle the taste bud too. I can’t stop sipping the soup though it’s popping hot. That’s what a good food can do to you.
I found the motto an interesting thing to know. Not lot of restaurants out there practices this and strive to serve their customers’ well. Korean food is pretty much famous with their own way to create the taste in the food. No Ajinomoto. Again, Korean don’t use the Japanese seasoning! Of course. But again, it’s a unique way to create seasoning mainly from natural ingredients.

I’ve also ordered the Cheese KimchiJeon. It tasted perfectly good with the melted cheese on top of the fried Jeon. It’s like kueh with cheese. It’s tasty and light for starter before your main meal. The only down side of it that I need longer time to have it. It took longer time to prepare for it compared to the main meal.

This is an interesting starter and this can be refill as long before your main course finished. Nuts, Macaroni, vegetables and potatoes. The 4 tastes while waiting for your meal. It’s quite addicting as I can’t stop nibbling without realized that it’s too little to nib too long. Lucky, you still can ask for refill. But during peak hours, i.e. lunch hour, waitresses might can’t see you waving for more.
For more info, log on to
If you have Facebook account, do feel free to check out their Facebook Page HERE.
Food   4/5
Sevice 4/5
Price   4/5

Food Stop at Pasta Zanmai & Seed Cafe, Mid Valley

Basically out of idea and wondering around what to eat. Thanks to the couple we went with gave the idea to have dinner at Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley. Luckily we reached there like 5 minutes earlier as the place was swarmed with people after we went in. Phew! That was close. After being seated and ordered our food, the review begins. Ok, not that formal though. There was chatting and gossiping in between.
The menu is not so impressive. Lack of variey to choose from. To be in the safe side, I choose a dish that I’m familiar with. Unagi with Egg on top. Bull-eye! The Unagi is tender but lack of seasoning for the maximum taste. The egg, abit cold though. I wonder it is prepared beforehand. It will taste better if it’s prepared and cook while it’s fresh. This one, I’m just gonna give 3/5.
These closer view of the food indeed create the slurry sensation in my mouth. If you are looking for a traditional Japanese food, well I don’t think Pasta Zanmai could give you that. The food concept is the combination of the modern and traditional elements in the preparation of the food.
Food  3/5
Service 3/5
Price 3/5
Better bulk up the service quality or else this might be a short term glory days for you, Pasta Zanmai.
Seed Cafe, Mid Valley

I would say this is a perfect place for catching up with friends. In the middle of busy Mid Valley whereas most places almost FULL HOUSE, my friends and I went to this as it’s not crowded at all. In this place, we could laugh and talk with ease. No irritating anxious people waiting for you to get off the table asap. You can basically take your time and catch up with your friends peacefully. No irritation waiters that get up your nerve because there are too many people to serve. All waiters waiting at designated areas of the cafe, so you don’t have to worry you need to waive for your life to get the bill/order.

Food wise. The choices are pretty much and standard. Not a place for you to have a full set of meal. It’s a place for a bits and bites while chatting with good friends. Yet still, the food was served fresh and up to standard. Pretty quick service too. Overall, I’m pretty much enjoyed my time here. After dinner it’s a nice place to have coffee too.

Korean Food with Love

Disclaimer: This is based on my personal opinion and do not represent any food establishments. Taste it with your OWN risk.

I started to try out Korean food only recent years. Thanks to my sister who introduced it to me. At first, the only thing that popped into my head is the RED KIMCHI. I was kind of skeptical when comes to food that preserved for the taste. I still remember that after watching the Korean Drama Dae Jang Geum and the Korean Anime version, I’m craving for Korean food even more.

Feel free to click the picture and the link.

#1 Seo Gung SS2

This is the 1st one I visited at Seo Geung on my birthday back in year 2008. I feel in love with Korean food ever since and I don’t mind trying out all types of Korean food in Klang Valley. I went with my family and @junsern for the birthday dinner. I still could recall there was a change of petrol price the next day and the whole PJ’s petrol stations were jammed with cars. We were late for the dinner in a way and quite frustrating as these people just being inconsiderate on the road.

These are the pictures I took my phone:

Pic 1: The BBQ

Don’t fret because all these will be prepared for you by the experts during the process. So, just sit down and relax while waiting for the food ready to serve. Pork and beef are the superb combo when comes to choose the right combo mix for your meal. I would say, this is the type of food that I love a lot. Hot and tasty!

Pic 2: The hot plate – Sotong

Spicy and hot too. The taste is really different than those normal hot plate food that I tried before this at Chinese restaurant. Korean food seasonings always gave the *zing* feeling as my tongue love the foreign taste. Best to eat with white rice and the soup too.

This is the Ginseng Soup with glutinous rice and chicken in it. It’s best to be served hot. Taste will be a bit bitter because of the Ginseng that added into the soup. However, it’s still edible as I myself can’t stop eating and drinking the soup after the first sip. Worth trying.

BiBiBam. That’s right! It’s a really catchy name. I can’t stop repeating saying it with different voice tone! Hilarious! The rice that prepared with the ingredients in a hot stone. The egg yolk that mixed together with the rice after being served on the table.

* pic taken from

This is the location in SS2 and how it is looked like from this view. It’s located right next to Bread Talk SS2. With the large signboard, I think it’s pretty easy to locate the restaurant. As for the availability of parking, it will slightly a challenge for customers as SS2 is quite a busy area. It’s much worse during weekends. I would suggest my family and friends to come to the location much earlier to avoid disappointment.

This one was a complimentary dish from the owner. Thank you very much. This is a steamed eggs in a hot clay pot. This mini clay pot appeared many times in the famous Korean drama, Dae Jang Geum. It seems that these pots are very popular among Koreans when comes to prepare a great meal.

This a grill pork meat. To all my Muslim friends, sorry. This is not a suitable place for you guys to try this out. The meat well marinated with the seasonings and the vegetables that stuffed inside the meat made the dish a pleasant one to try.

I’ve included the map for you guys to locate the restaurant. Good luck and hope you guys enjoy and like the food that served here.


Food : 8/10
Ambiance :7/10
Service : 8/10
Price : 8/10

#2 Kimchi, Tropicana City Mall

JS and I went here as we are curious with the new outlet here in TCM. I love the design of the food menu. The ambiance is not bad for a modern Korean restaurant. The difference compared to Seo Geung is that the waiters not that friendly. Sigh. Perhaps they need to bulk up on that.

For all the small dishes here are refillable. That’s what I love about it. Kimchi is the one thing that I can’t stop eating and keep asking for refill! Boss! One MOREEE!

IMPORTANT TIPS: Make sure you keep it refill when your main course is not finished yet. Once you finished the main course, they will NOT entertain you when you ask for refill.

This is the pancake that made of eggs and vegetables. It’s quite a light dish to have. However, it will taste better if it’s served hot.

The restaurant located at Tropicana City Mall, 1st Floor Lot 1-57. Feel free to visit HERE for more information on the restaurant.


Food : 7/10
Ambiance :8/10
Service : 5/10
Price : 6/10