Happy New Year! Bye Bye 2013 & HELLO THERE 2014!

There’s no pre-planned for the New Year Eve before this.  All we did was dressed up, meet up and have a good time at a club with good vibe & music. I left office for the day and head back home. Luckily the traffic didn’t get jammed up. After a brief dinner at home, I started to get ready for the celebration while waiting to meet up at my place. We drove off to pick up other girlfriend before we head to a club for the celebration. I choose my simple dress and put on my simple make up with a little smokey eyes on top. 

ImageWe went to Zeta Bar at KL Hilton for the celebration. I like that place as most people really nice or they really high on alcohol and they just being super-friendly. The ladies and the men there really dressed up well unlike those few clubs that I went, where you can see tons of freak shows going on. DJ is the best so far and he’s known as DJ JD. That’s easy to remember, huh? Bartenders are super fast and friendly. So far throughout the night, there’s no drama or fights going on so far. Luckily! Except for 1 particular guy, he’s damn arrogant and keep eating up my space at the bar. WTF? Get your own space dude!  Overall, we ladies have a great time and we arrived home safe, at around 4-ish am! Oh well, have a great year ahead everyone. May 2014 would be a great year for all of you! 





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