One Week. One Happiness. One Turning Point – Part 1

In the plane

I went back to my hometown to get my pre-wedding photos taken last July 2013 and to complete the 3-day compulsory pre-marriage course by the church. By October 2013, our church wedding will be held in the same church in my hometown. Yes!  If you ask, it’s located at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu. On the 31 July 2013, hubby and I went through smooth flight for about 2 hours and 15 minutes. I have to say, the airport ground luggage management has to be improved at some point. Apparently our flight delayed because of the process of transferring luggage to the plane take longer time than expected! What a shame. The pilot has to apologize on behalf of them. Behind us there were 2 cheeky hyper children that keep repeating same sentences to their mother. Hubby said they are on the loop mode, like the iPod shuffle. I said the CD rosak (malfunction) because the CD keep playing the same song and keep repeating the same thing! Right after take off, there was complete silence. Hubby and I were curious. When we secretly turned back and have a peek, both kids sleep with mouth opened and legs spread wide open too! I guess, hyper kids do have their limit too.

Touched Down - KKIA
Touched Down – KKIA

My sister picked us up at the airport and headed to her place to stay for the next 1 week. Our 1st day of pre-marriage course starts at 7.30pm. So we still have couple of hours to spare to go for food hunt. We ended up going from one place to another with disappointments. Oh well, we arrived Kota Kinabalu around later afternoon and most places with good food closed for the day. Apparently, good food here available mostly in the morning, as early as 7am to 2pm. Luckily we found a place that serves my favourite food, the Wa-Tan-Hor (noodles served with heavy gravy). At least I’m well fed with a proper hot meal for that day.  Weather was fine during the day and later in the evening it was windy and cooling. Perfect for me and far more better than the stuffy city hot air in Kuala Lumpur.

Dinner at Diamond

Right after the dinner, we headed to Sacred Heart Cathedral Church for the pre-wedding course that took 3 nights to complete for 2 hours per night. I am grateful that my own parish willing to take us in unlike the orthodox ways I encountered from the KL parish. At least in Sacred Heart church, they opened for ALL parish unlike the KL churches that they need to know where you stay and which church you usually go and which parish you belong to. You know what, screw you and I rather choose my own hometown church to get my pre-wedding courses done! Surpringsly churches now run their parish like a business entity instead of a worship place. The course also included the abortion talk and show the process from a video. Yikes! That’s part of the course that I will never forget.

*Disclaimer: We took this picture randomly before the course started and have no idea the couple behind were very tired.


That was the end of the first night here and we were so exhausted when we reached home. I knocked out straight. Till the next post.


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