Leadership. Am I good at it?

I’m well known to my strict way of leadership. Effective leadership it is. I can’t tolerate with nonsense and excuses. All I care about it KPI! Achievements. My way to motivate is : ” I don’t care how you do, provided within the legal boundaries, get it done!” Sounds like dictatorship for certain people. I would say these people just can’t keep up with me or they just don’t like me at all. Efficient! Get things done! Bla Bla Bla!


I am not usually like this. It all started with a history. A bad one I would say. Back in the university days, I was being pushed away for being inefficient. It was a brutal. To the extend I refused to be in a group for ALL assignments, including dissertation which is compulsory to be submitted in groups.

There’s one particular tutor has to stand up for me and to advice other classmates to take me in. Well, they just have to take me in anyway. It was a painful experience for me as I treated them as my friends. Obviously just because I’m a just not as good as they expected me to be, I became an outcast in seconds. It’s a tough lesson I learnt that I have to bulk up if I wanted to survive.


Another lesson learnt is it’s best to motivate other members who is dropping out instead of just throw them away without even trying. I don’t want to be treated that way and clearly I will not treat others that way too. Unless it’s a gone case for instance after several attempt to motivate them, these members refused to change for better.

I lead according to situation. If shit is getting out of hand, I turned to Hitler and get things right. I prefer to call it the CHAOS Management. If members or subordinates are doing the right things and responsible with their individual functional roles, I’m just focus on the directions and goals they need to achieve. The rest, leave it to them to do it. Like I said, I don’t care how they do it, just get things done and achieve the KPI.

Micromanagement is tiring for me. However if my team need a push to get this forward, I stepped in. Temporarily and they need to bulk and move on their own fast too! After all, this is their responsibility to complete their tasks according to each functional roles that being assigned to them. I’m more like a incubator instead of spoon-feeder (if there’s such term). I’m there to support but not for too long.


Maybe one day when I have children of my own, that would be a challenge for me to lead and nurture these rascals! Children naturally are cheeky and restless at times. I hope I could pull this off without taking valium to calm me down! Hahah!


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