Samsung SMART TV on Angry Birds App

Who have thought that you can now try to play Angry Birds on TV with your bare hands? It’s the new Samsung SMART TV that is now available for all ages to experience the games. With the features using the camera from the SMART TV, it can detect the your hand and to respond from the movement of your hand while playing the game.

For instance, once the sensor detected your hand movement in front of the new Samsung SMART TV and turn your hand into a fist, it will response as if you click a mouse to choose a feature on the screen. It sounds quite confusing here for some.  With the Motion Control Feature, Samsung has achieved to be the market leader when comes to the audio-visual feature. Now everyone can enjoy this as a family activities and to get hands on  the game with the Motion Control from the Smart TV. Who need karaoke for family gathering if SMART TV could cater all generations via Angry Birds! Aren’t they cute when they are super angry?

At first I was not really get the hang of it as I’m so used to the touch screen feature on my Samsung Tab. Trust me, it won’t take that long to get used with the Motion Control sensor to play this awesome game. I’m sure most Angry Birds fans would love to get their hands-on experience with Samsung Smart TV. It’s a smart move for Samsung to use Angry Birds as the first game app using Smart TV as it’s one of the most downloaded game application on smartphones.

With the Smart TV feature, it can be a central use for all social networking, informative platform and entertainment for families. All you need is a internet connection and you can use this as good as a computer completed with games for both children and adults. Sound system and the graphics are in both surround and HD quality. It’s really gives users the experience that would give fun yet hands-on feel on the game. What can I say? Meet the world’s FIRST smart TV and the world’s most successful game on smartphones.

I shall end this with a short footage I took from my Samsung Tab 10.1

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