Weekends at historical city, disappointed! Big time!

We spent most of the time on the road. It was a mistake to plan having a short holiday in Malacca, during weekends when there’s school holidays going on. Gosh! My birthday celebration is, I would say not really a pleasant one this year. Oh well. Blame myself for not checking the calendars first. Motherfu*%@#! My mood was gone after stuck in the 5-hour traffic madness on the street. But again, just get focused on the agenda that night and one of them is to attend our friend’s wedding dinner.


We managed to catch up with each other after we graduated from the Executive Diploma course last year. Everyone is busy with their lives and this is the only way to gather up. Short one yet still a satisfying gathering as all of us have fun at the dinner as we were entertained by MC on stage. While others ber-joget we just talked and laughed, oh yea while screaming as the music getting louder and louder. What???! I can’t hear you! Oh gosh!


We stayed at the Sterling Boutique Hotel and the place is so great! We almost lost our reservation of our room thanks to the fucking jam that almost cost me a room. I can tell you that night 90% of the rooms are fully booked and so does the other rest house and hotels. Thanked God!

We didn’t managed to eat the famous satay celop. This is madness. It seems that tourists really don’t mind to queue for hours to get the food. Well, lucky for a local like myself, I could always opt for next trip. Perhaps, less people in the city during low peak season, i.e. NOT DURING SCHOOL FUCKING HOLIDAYS!

It’s just another year. Maybe better birthday celebration next year. I totally lose interest to celebrate my birthdays these days. Oh well, maybe male strippers and blasting clubbing next year? How about that? I shall put that in my “to-do” list!

Till next time. Perhaps less cranky post.


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