BNI Meeting – June 2012

I will be completing my 2nd year membership this coming September 2012 and can’t wait for renewal. While I’m serving term as vice president till September 2012, I’m looking to help the grow the chapter as well to help other members to grow their business as well.


In the month of June 2012, I’ve conducted new member induction this time and it’s a pretty exciting moment for our chapter. By growing the chapter, it helps us to generate more referrals for each other. It’s crucial for all of us to commit by attending the meeting every week plus spending more time outside the meeting by conducting 1-2-1 meeting with members.

Besides our weekly 60 seconds and 1-2-1 meetings with members, 10-minute business showcase is part of the chapter meeting agenda that provide platform for members to present more in-depth business presentation to members and visitors. Members are given 6 weeks in advance to prepare their slides presentations and 8 minutes to present on the day members supposed to present. Another 2 minutes will be reserved for Q & A session. Members who are presenting their 10-minute presentation also required to bring a door gift for that day too.



I’ve presented today for my 10-minute presentation and managed to get a referral for a potential lucrative business. By being specifically presenting what’s your ideal referral, members will give the right one ideal referrals to you eventually. It’s about farming and not hunting. Till next time, been awake since 4.45am! Time to get my sleep, early! Good night.


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