KK Trip : Part 1 My Home Sweet Home with Loved One

2 Jul

Finally! My guy get to go to my hometown. The Land Below The Wind. From the West to the East. Kota Kinabalu it is. PJ guy would be curious how KK would be like. I really hope he loves the place which in fact he did. Now we are looking forward for another trip down to KK again. I was invited by my old childhood friend and neighbor for his big day. This time I was invited to be the emcee for the wedding ceremony and dinner. We known each other since we were 9 years old. After 21 years of friendship, I’m happy that I could be there for him and his new bride.

After 2 and a half hours flight from KLIA, we reached KKIA with warm welcome from the hotel staff at the arrival hall. After we’ve checked in and collect our rental car, we headed to the beach side located at Tanjung Aru Beach for few photographs and followed by food hunting in the city. Excited and hungry at the same time.


I missed all the food that I loved since childhood. I introduced to my guy the ultimate beef noodle soup and pork noodle soup from Kuo Man, Sunny Garden. Verdict from him, it was so tasty and we tempted to “ta-pau” home. Nah!  That’s not going to work. It’s impossible to bring it all the way back to PJ, right?



Wedding. That’s the next event in this trip. While preparing for the emcee scripts, my guy is the photographer for the day. He took quite many pictures and we are happy to be there to be part of the “jing-bang”!  Bride is so pretty and I’m happy that my friend finally popped the question after 10 years in the relationship. It was his first girlfriend and also childhood sweetheart too. So romantic and it’s a great thing to witness the union of 2 good friends of mine that we hope will last forever.





The girls from High School!




It’s good to be home.

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