The weekly networking continues..

For the month of May, the networking meeting still continues. This time we are preparing for the Visitors’ Day as well. Our chapter consists of business professionals and owners from all ages. It’s very inspiring to share with each other experiences in the business world. Networking has been part of my weekly routine since 2 years ago, thanks to BNI.


It’s all about farming and not about hunting with each other. Building up business relationships with members and visitors is very important to generates referrals for a more sustainable business income. By doing frequent 1-2-1 with members are the effective way to understand each other for a more in-depth understand about each other business needs. Hence, referrals can be generated eventually to help members to grow their business. Consistent effort and follow-up are the keys to success apart from the networking part.



It’s very refreshing experiences to meet new people every week via inviting visitors to our weekly chapter meeting. It broaden the horizon of business network as well as to help me to spread out my business to visitors. Remember, you will never who they know until you tell him what you want in order to grow the business.

Till next time. This few weeks, I shall need to focus more on doing 1-2-1 with members to generate more referrals to help them to grow their business.

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