Make a difference. Change the world

Have you ever thought what the beggar’s is thinking when you left lots of food on the plate just because it doesn’t taste good as what you expected?

When you caught in the traffic in your car, you complained that the town planning is a failure while there are people have to be on foot to get to their destination. Wait. Hold on. You were saying?

While you are complaining that your house is too small for you, there are homeless people in the city center huddle in cold nights by the roadside, starving.

I’m not gonna boast or judge. It’s just the small little things we do that could make a difference. Start small. Well, we have to start somewhere,right? It’s a matter of choice. What is your choice? To walk away or to do something about it.

If you see a dog lying there and hardly move. What are you going to do? Ignore? or just walk away because mum gonna scold you for bringing home a filthy dog.

My mother don’t like dogs. Well, I choose to bring that little fella home anyway because I can’t just ignore what I saw and walk away,right?

Small. Skinny. Extremely dehydrated. Half blind and in shock. I choose to bring him to the vet immediately to get him treated. My mother kept nagging and scolding me and we caught in a very heated argument. I just don’t understand why my mother just hate dogs to her guts. I just choose to ignore her and just steal one of her sarong and wrap the fella then drive off from my house.


I called several shelter homes for dogs to get assistance, most are full for the day. I called my own friends whether they could foster this fella just for a while, none reaching out a hand to help. Luckily, one stranger, whom I don’t really know move forward to offer a temporary home for him. I was so happy beyond words!  Thanks to my friend, whom I’m not so close at all, her friend – the stranger that willing to take him home. Before he go, I named him Kiddo, the kid miracle!  His condition quite bad and back then I really hope he could recover.

While waiting for the kind stranger to bring Kiddo home, I took few pictures and prepare a temporary bed for him to rest. While my mother nagging and scolding in the background, I just continue what I believe is the right thing to do.


Then, the kind lady came to pick Kiddo up later in the evening. Something tells me that Kiddo will be in good hands. Before he go, I gave him my sister’s blue teddy bear as a gift as to provide him comfort. Kiddo recovered well under her foster care. These are the few pictures that she posted in Facebook that made my day. Imagine, if I choose to walk away. I wonder what will happen to Kiddo. Within weeks, Kiddo found his forever home. A family that will love and care for him for the rest of his life. Good to know. I’ve made a difference. Not a major one. At least, 1 step at a time. This happened almost 2 years ago. I’m sure, Kiddo is a great smart wonderful furry friend that going to make a difference in his new family’s life.

These are his photo before he’s adopted. Kiddo has new friends too.



Bye Kiddo. We will miss you always. Have a great life with your new family yea?!

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