A night on the stage

27 Jun

Jun Sern and I were invited to be the emcee for one of his friend’s wedding. He is required to converse in English while I will have to speak in Mandarin. After I have left high school for almost more than a decade now, I never thought that I have to present again in language that I despise the most back then.  Tons of google-ing and rewriting the scripts, finally managed to write down a simple one to get on with it.

At first, I thought I could get assistance from a friend from high school whom I thought he is going to helpful to write or even draft one, I was immediately being rejected by him in seconds. What a bastard! I know that you appeared in local TV as newscaster before but that doesn’t mean you are better than anybody else. It’s ok. I can do it on my own. Not a big deal. Oh yea. The last time I’ve checked, you no longer in that local TV station anymore huh? Go figure. Maybe your attitude just straight to your ass and get you out of the window, I guess!


My guy and I are not professional emcees and that doesn’t stop us to deliver the best out of us. From drafting the script till practicing the lines with each other, we make sure there’s no mistake in between and we need to keep the smooth flow. Gladly, after many times we rehearsed at home, at the changing room then on the stage,  I think we have repeating it for over 20 times within few hours. I guess OCD hit me and my guy has to put up with that.


Thanked God! Once it’s over, we received numerous good comments and few even thought I’m from China. Well, my teachers back in Tshung Tsin Secondary School taught me well. Thank you for that. As for Jun Sern, people liked his voice and impressed with his performance. Good to know that and it was a relieve for both of us as we managed to nail it even without any professional help with the scripts.

I believe, there’s always a 1st time for everything. Do it right the first time and eventually I will know how to improve it next time. We put a lot of effort in this and we are glad with the positive responses and praises from the audience especially from the bride and groom, even from their families. Kudos!

Till next time. Maybe we can move further from here, moving forward towards a better performance next time.


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