Movies: MIB3

Friday night, thought it will be another quiet night for me. I’m glad that I’m still managed to slot a last minute plan to watch a movie before the weekends. Awesome. 2-hour movies for midnight show at Twin Seats with mu guy. We bought tons of food as if we are going to have a great feast at the back seat during movies. The scene started so wrong. A woman with big boobs plus a wobbly organic pink cake that ended up a freaky gross make out scene in between! Gosh!


The story line is smooth as the flow is not that predictable after all. A touching twist towards the end of show that explained everything why and how this story between James and K started. Not going to spoil anything here. I could only say it’s a worth watching movies that might have a tie with The Avengers that started showing last month.


Movie is obviously a PG-13 kind of stuff and it’s a action adventure comedy fantasy genre. This time MIB 3 is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld with the usual starring actors Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones. This time the big ass villain is Josh Brolin. The story is about changing history and in the process there are surprises in between that I would thought of it’s going to happen.


Quite entertaining with quite few punchline in between. Not a great one though yet it’s still funny and worth to laugh about.


Duration: 1 hour 45 mins

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