BNI: Weekly Meeting Networking to Grow Your Business

It’s my weekly routine to go for my BNI meeting every Wednesday. Wake up early in the morning and get myself ready for the day. From 6.30am-8.30am, it’s a usual meeting that I’ve been attending since 2 years ago. What is this all about? It’s a Networking Meeting called BNI and chapter members attended the meeting while exchanging referrals to grow our business together. It’s a close knit meeting as visitors have to be invited by the members to attend this meeting. It’s tight structure meeting with a systematic effective agenda that allows members and visitors to add value and gain benefits by attending this meeting.

After the Open Networking, the next agenda is the sitting part of the meeting. Each members also given 60-sec to present their business and to let members know who are they looking for to help them in their business.  Every week, each members on rotation basis will be given 10 minutes to present their business showcase for more in depth knowledge about their business.  Hence, other members are clear with the specific ideal referrals to refer to their fellow members after that.

Networking is a never end process as after the meeting, members and visitors still could interact with each other even during breakfast. This creates a business relationship and eventually enhanced better rapport among BNI members and visitors. During the meeting, referrals are passed to each other via referral slips. This is ensure all referrals are well recorded and it’s effective for members to follow up the referrals.

Interested to know more about BNI?

Email me at or visit our chapter website HERE  for information.

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