New Interest – Drama Show

I still find spending time at home a better option for me. At least I could sit down and relax with my family without blowing off my purse. That’s why I choose to buy DVDs and watch drama shows either alone or with my loved ones. Criminal Minds. That’s my target right now. Bought the 1st season and borrowed from others for the rest of the seasons. I know it’s a bit late to catch up all these episodes as now ASTRO is showing the latest 7th season. I choose to enjoy the slow ride and watch it from the 1st Season 1 episode.


Who’s my favorite character so far? At the moment Dr. Reid and JJ. Dr. Reid is so brilliant and JJ is freaking efficient and smart too. Hotch is very cool and serious man. The typical lawyer with no-nonsense attitude and a loving family man. Gracia is frantically smart with her tech gadget and Morgan is quite good in what he’s doing. Gideon, I think the meltdown he experienced before still can’t be camouflage with his brilliant talent in profiling psycho criminals.

Till then, right after work I shall aim 2 episodes per day. At least leave other time for things to do and don’t want to spend too much time with the DVDs or I’ll ended up sleepless night and left nothing to watch during the weekends.

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