Education. Never ending. No Full Stop


Finished high school at 18, completed my Diploma at 22 and obtained my Bachelor Degree at the age of 25. Finally managed to earn my Executive Diploma in Sales & Marketing last year, at the age of 30. I took my first Diploma back in year 2001 bit later as I went to Singapore to gain working experience & extra money straight after my A-Level. I stayed in Singapore for almost a year before head back to my country to continue my Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting). What’s next? I’m thinking MBA in International Business. DBA after that? Why not?


“Shereen, are you nuts?” “Who need a high qualification? Looked at Bill Gates, he’s school dropout” “Getting higher education cost money” “Cost time too” “Nah, you don’t need this. Being street smart is more important, earning money is so much important now”. I got this kind response from negative people sometimes. Personally, education do get you somewhere, somewhere further.


Education increases the maturity of your critical thinking and it creates credibility the moment you managed to get that qualification. It does make a difference. However, the perfect combination of a well educated person are education & positive ATTITUDE! Sad to know, younger generations lack of that X-Factor. Highly educated people that I met sometimes tends to be cocky and look down at other less educated people. Personally I think, a highly educated person should lead and guide the less fortunate people who don’t have the opportunity to be educated in the first place. I always believe education should be given free to everybody. Unfortunately, in the real world the system don’t work that way.


It’s good to go back to school even you are in your 40’s. Socializing with the young generations enrich your thoughts and perspective. This is the best time to update yourself and to avoid yourself to be too contented with your own beliefs. Education opened up my mind and new ideas kept pouring in if you are able to utilize the skill of critical thinking.I always believe that it’s important to do your very best in every education course that you decided to enroll. By getting a PASS is not enough. To be credible and good in what you are doing, always aim for DISTINCTION. What ever you do, be a good one – that’s from Abraham Lincoln.

So why stop after secondary school? Why stop after completed your 1st degree? Why stop when you can still continue to pursue to the next level?¬†Education is perpetual. It’s powerful if you know how to use it and it’s the only thing that you have where other people can never take it away from you. Knowledge is power. Power is knowledge. Not Fist. Not Money and not dirty politics.

Enough said. You do the thinking. Am I right?

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