Fantasy Craze and Reality Check

I think I’m in love with THOR! I’m not crazy, am I? Trust me. I’m not the only one. I read comics about Thor back in, say 20 years ago. The drawing then were too bad and Loki looked like crap. I am fascinated with THOR’s hammer that able to whack anybody and helped him to fly. How cool is that? I’m not so crazy about Thor back then until the day I saw Chris Hemsworth’s ripped body acting as THOR! That changed my perception about Thor, period! I know that this is just a infatuation only exist in fantasy and it’s not even a real thing. Stay grounded and always stick to the reality. Keep it real. Stay focus.

The reality hurts sometimes and people tends to refuse to stay grounded to the reality. Sad to know that the real world isn’t a really nice place to be sometimes. Bad things happened all the time around us each day. I choose not to let that overwhelming myself which could lead me to unnecessary stress. There’s always a choice. I choose to make my life each day a better day with added value by being grateful with what I have now and stop comparing with others.

Reality telling me what’s my gap between my goals and my current state. When I first assessed that I felt like a loser who haven’t accomplished anything in my life. I’m touching 30’s. unmarried and childless. I’m not earning a good high income that could sustain the lifestyle I dream to have. My car so small and my house so small. Endless list in there. This what happened when I’m comparing myself with others too much and sulking for no apparent reason. Minimize the gap. That’s what I’m doing right now. I’m sure people who figured it out will do the same thing too. What’s the point sulking and depressed with no action taken to make things. Make sense?

Enough with my yaa-daa moment. I think I’m gonna end this post with “ah-ha” moment. Are you with me? AH-HA!!!

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