Lang Tengah. Short Weekend Gateway

Booked the tickets. Packed our bags and off we go.

Short and concise planning. Bus trip back and forth. So far, it was comfortable journey. Depart from KTM, we took Nice bus service. The bus got a weird smell and we have to put up with that for 6 hours of journey. Good for me. No motion sickness crap going on during the journey. Thanked God!

Then we reached the main bus station at Kuala Terengganu and our driver took us to the jetty. I can’t really remember  much as I straight knocked out in the car. My guy and Pak Mansor, our driver have an interesting conversation I guess. One thing for sure, it’s about POLITICS! Once we arrived the jetty then we took a big boat heading to Lang Tengah. It was a slow journey and it took almost 40 minutes to reach Lang Tengah. I nearly fainted in the boat itself. Drunk like mad even without alcohol.

ImageHere we are! The resort we went called Lang Sari Resort. It’s the cheapest among other resorts in Lang Tengah. So far, we have no issue with the place. It’s just that the 1st night we stayed there, there was a group of Chi-Beng hooligans conquered the place. They ate like they just came out from prison and left us nothing to eat during lunch. We got smarter when comes to dinner time, we arrived earlier and managed to eat sufficient of food. But the 2nd night, since the hooligans left the island in the morning the whole resort only left 3 couples. How nice! Calm and we are enjoying the rest of the stay.


After the crazy group left the island, we changed room too! This time from the back room to the front room. The room is facing the sea. At night, we can hear the sound of the waves and it became the lullaby of us for a great sleep by the beach. The 2nd day we went for quick snorkeling and the rest of the day my guy and I enjoying the sunset. Not much of extreme activities here but more of a relaxing gateway that emphasize on recharging our body and to de-stress ourselves.

These are few pictures taken using Nikon D90.ImageImage






And of course, both of us. Till next time. Perhaps about our Singapore trip last week?


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