Slowing down

Normally on the weekends or even on Friday nights, booze and happy hours always been in the top of list. This could be my nature of job during back then. I have to socialize to expand my network and get to know influential people in the industry. There are times I find it superficial and it doesn’t serve the purpose anymore. Beer belly and bad hangover are part of the aftermath of the social activities. It was strictly involved drinking only and nothing else if you know what I mean.


Picture above is just an illustration. Thanks to people I know back then, get invited to exclusive events gave me a great experience to feel how it’s like to be in the invited list. Free booze, great music and get the chance to dress to the nine. I get to know great and nice people during the events. I’m surprised that they are not the snobbish people they appeared to be. They are famous in the blog sphere and there are few of them very well known in the media industry. I think celebrities are being misunderstood and not all of them are bunch bad-ass attitude bitches.


Well drinking sessions I turned to food review gathering instead. This time I had the chance to taste what’s new in town and to review it. I’m still a newbie till this day and not going to admit that I’m a food expert. By starting my footstep to be a food lover becoming my new goal in life. Food is not just about tasting it and swallow it. It’s all about the passion to know how’s it’s made and by knowing the good food out there it’s inspired me to know one step further about cuisine. If you realized, I replaced the word ‘food’ to cuisine. Live to eat now and not the other way around.

Till then, I’ve listed down where I wanted to go for food hunting with my guy. After this, let’s filled this blog with more cuisine-one of the wonderful things in the world that we always passionate about.

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