Time. How you spent it?

Words. It’s gonna be only words today.

Time passed very quickly. It’s my constant race with Mr. Time and I these days. We keep thinking that we have 24 hours a day. To be precise, if you minus the 8 hours you have to sleep all of us started our day with 16 hours instead. You do the math. How much time you have to be productive for the day. Let me tell you, running around like mad to look busy is not productive, that’s your travelling time and being doing low priority tasks. Being productive is to accomplish a task that contributing to your goal.

Out of 16 hours to start off the day, this is the standard time allocation for most, not all people I observed.

Total available time                               16


Travelling in the morning                      2

Checking emails                                          1

Morning meeting/tasks                           2

Lunch                                                              1

Lepak after lunch                                       1 (approx. ; it can be more sometimes)

Back to work                                                 2

Tea Time/Lepak again/Facebook        1

Back to work again                                      2

Go home, stuck in traffic                          2

Reach home lepak/Facebook                 1

Dinner                                                               1

Total Hours spent                                      16

From what I can see here, traffic jam is the killer for most of us working in the city right now. Facebook is No. 2 and lepak-ing is no.3! Out of 16 hours. most people can only be productive at the most 4 hours. Like I said, running around to look busy is not being productive here. I know there are lazy bones wanna make themselves looked good and keep telling me that they are busy. In fact, they are either Facebook-ing or running around for few trips to do low priority easy jobs like photocopying or attend meeting that serve no purpose.

Time is the only thing in the world that provided to ALL of us Free of Charge & fair. 20% of the successful people in the world also have 24 hours like you and I. But why they appeared to be more wiser when comes to managing their time and achieve their goals? So what if they sleep lesser than me. How long they can sustain if they just sleep 3-4 hours a day. Can die faster weei! It ticks me. How they do it?

Seriously. I really wanted to know how they do it. Does it pisses you off when you so much to do but so little time given to you.

Action. I attended this time management seminar last month and trying to implement what I’ve learned from the trainer. I’m still experimenting it and I’m aiming to complete by end of April 2012. If it’s working, I’ll share it with you all. It might not be working to everyone. It still can be improvised to suit your style and this time don’t play Facebook when you are working. ok?

Till next time.

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