Langkawi. My 1st Voyage with Lili Marleen. Part 2

Talked about quality. The Swiss always known by their high quality and precision.  As long it’s not made by somewhat local brand, I think I won’t be drown with this ship! The vessel was a bit old but it’s well maintained by the crews.  The bed and the comforter were still new.  Well, at least I won’t be sleeping with the “unknown” company that love to crawl around.  The water was clear and calm that afternoon. We managed to take a quick nap while the vessel sailing towards to the middle of the sea for the sunset. Luckily I wasn’t suffering with sea sick that day. Just a smooth sailing nap time in a vessel. Total bliss.

It was hot and sunny that late afternoon after we woke up from a short nap. But I’m enjoying every bit of the sunshine that day. The sound of the calm wind and the soft sound from the vessel engine are the 2 things that soothe my feeling. I finally away from hectic city. All we did during that time is to sit down and relax. How I wish I could do this every single day.

While waiting for dinner, we are welcomed with free flow of drinks and alcohol till 8pm. Thanks to the crew, we got this snap shot before we go around the deck with wine in our hand.  I think this is a perfect gateway for couple who are looking for  a short trip for a weekend.

There it is. Enjoying my glass of wine and waiting for the sunset.

For more info, do check it out the link and pictures below.


For enquiries and reservation

Email :

Contact No : +603 2730 8087

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