Pop & Pose! Are you up for it?

My mother always scolded me for talking talking too long on my mobile phone. Reason being scared that my brain will be fried to crispy meat from the electromagnetic wave. To be honest, sometimes I can’t really track how long I’ve been on the line with someone especially if you are too into a conversation or perhaps while you are on the go, you are required to settle business matters over the mobile phone. Thanks to Pop Phone I got to know about, now you can talk on the mobile phone with ease and without worrying that your brain will be toasted in the long run. Oh yea! You can be seen with this cute accessories with STYLE. Celebrities are on it too! So, why not give it a try?

Come on! Even the coolest people use the most conventional way to communicate. By using a traditional phone attached to the mobile phone, i.e. where the modern meets the ancient device. With this perfect combination, it creates fusion that practical and coated with style. It came with various colors to choose from. So fret not! Ladies, there’s many choices of colors for you to choose from.  Celebrities also quite cool with and not afraid to flaunt the phone out in the open. This might looks weird but hey weird is the new BLACK yo! At least for now. Don’t you think so?

You can use it directly from you mobile phone. Or you iPad or even from your laptop or desktop. For those who love to SKYPE a lot with your friends or loved ones, you can use it too just in case your mic is not functioning well. This time you don’t have to worry how long you are going to yank on the phone with your friends. Just like talking with the conventional land line phone you have at home, with attaching Pop Phone to your latest gadget.

Here’s something for you! You can win these cool prizes for this coming Christmas by log on HERE.  Just Pop and Pose before this X’mas!

How to participate?

Good luck and who knows you can win yourself a trip to JAPAN!

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