Langkawi. My first Voyage with Lili Marleen. Part 1

It was the 1st and it won’t be the last for us to Langkawi together. To save time, I’ve booked MAS from KLIA to Langkawi for short weekend gateway with Jun Sern. After long haul bus journey to Redang last time, I’ve called it quit when comes to travel by bus. Unless the bus itself if spacious and comfortable. For a bus journey for more than 5 hours, I think 50-minute flight would be better this time. Sorry! Being cheapskate is not my option this time. Usually to travel on budget is my thing, but again not this time. This trip was a special one. So no cheap-cheap “piang” with me!

Awesome view from the top. I bet I will not see this if I opt for a bus instead.  I have to admit. I’m afraid of taking a plane. The zero gravity shit that scare the crap out of me do gave me the cold sweat when I’m on a plane. It’s a morning flight that we took from KLIA and it was a bumpy ride. Yupe! No joke. A short 50-minute flight that nearly made me wanna scream my lungs out. Which I did! But maybe not entirely with the whole lungs, maybe 10%? So, it was an embarrassing moment. But who cares? It’s not that I’m gonna see these people in the plane again right? Thanks to my big sun shade, they can’t recognize me and probably forgot about everything once they’ve touched down at Langkawi later.

Not bad. Was welcomed and she’s on time too. At least they didn’t spelled my name wrong. Took a quick snapshot of this piece of paper while others were thinking what’s wrong with me?  On 2nd thought, they should put it in a proper plat or something instead of just standing there waiting for me a piece of paper. That would be more classy, I think. Anyway, I don’t even want to complaint about this small petty thing. The most important thing is to get into that vessel, like right now!

Yupe! Here I am. While still in a bumpy boat transfer from jetty I’m still take the opportunity to cam-whore while on the move. Even with the risk my camera might fell into the sea forever. That’s a risk I willing to take. It was a sunny day and I haven’t slather on the sunscreen on my face. No worries about that. Maybe my skin looked better in lobster red this time. This will be the living proof that I was on a vacation at Langkawi, right?

What else could I say? I’m and thirsty and hungry. The captain and the crew welcomed us with a warm greeting once we climbed up to the vessel. The welcome drink? I don’t know what the hell they put inside the drink, it tasted awesome! I can’t even tell what it is. Taste like Ribena+lemon+sweet bandung. My taste bud is screwed. Talk about the food. The grilled chicken was prepared and cooked in perfection. It’s freaking good!

So far. That’s all. Will be continued….

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