Win yourself a Samsung MV800! Are you one the lucky one?

Samsung MultiView800! Yeap peeps! That’s what I’m talking about right now. Samsung is giving away 30 Samsung MV800 to grab. Perhaps this is the time to pamper yourself a new set of gadget or for your loved ones. I’m sure this would be a gadget that you would love to have it yourself too.

This time you don’t have to worry about a thing if you can’t have the prefect view for your picture. With Samsung MV800, you are able to capture your perfect moment with all angles that you wanted. Even if you don’t have a mirror to check whether there’s a spinach stuck on your teeth, you can too treat this chap as your mirror! Talk about multitask huh! Just kidding, hahah! If you don’t believe it, check out the video below at the end of this post and you will understand what am I trying to tell you.

Thanks to the features that designed for creative people out there, you can play around with the available features that could help you to be creative with the pictures that you snap with Samsung MV800. From all the funny editing feature from this, I would love to send my face with the gobbler one to scare my friends that I’ve gained 100 pounds or something! It’s fun. Try it. Who knows? You might actually love this camera.

Samsung is now giving away 30 MV800 for you to grab. All you need to do is log on to this link below and answer few questions.

Do explore on how you could get higher chances of winning by log on to it. Find out more about Samsung MV800 by clicking HERE!

Here it is! May I present you the video that I promised you. Enjoy and hope you could see how this Samsung Mv800 could do.

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