Get wet with a Baby Shower!

Are you kidding me? That’s a crazy title I put there. Anyway, this post is about the 1st baby shower I attended. Yeap! Scary as it is. Well, most friends have moved into another level, motherhood. Not me, not yet. So, as a unmarried childless 30-year old chick heading to a baby shower, I think I’ll take this as a challenge. That is: to survive for the next 3 hours in a baby shower without being succumbed to peer pressure. Gosh! What the hell I’m babbling about. It’s just a God damn baby shower. Enough said. Let the pictures do the talking, shall we?

It turned up to be a simple and heart warming event. In a lazy weekend afternoon, simple food and simple games in between I think this baby shower wasn’t that scary at all. Well, I’m not the only unmarried childless chick in the house after all. This is not about me. It’s about a friend happiest moment of her life awaiting for a great gift that all of us are anticipating with it. Welcoming the arrival of baby Georgia. It’s her 1st baby and all of us really happy for her, our dear friend.

Talk about the food, cupcakes are the most sought after if compared to the other. As much as I really wanted to nab it, it’s so cute and adorable. Little friends that came for the baby shower really focus on their new toys. For boys, toy cars will never go wrong. It seems that it’s the best choice to make little boys stayed focus while their mummies could socialize. Thanked God, there’s no drama during the baby shower. That means no crying and throwing tantrum. Kudos boys!

Apart from meeting new friends, we did few crazy things with the games organized by the game mistress. Guess what? I have to guess what inside the diaper and it doesn’t look good to me. Thanked God there’s no funny smell as I’m not going to sniff that bloody thing or even get it near to my nose. No thank you! Wondering. What’s is this? It’s yellowish and stick too. Rest assured, it’s definitely not something came out from the baby’s butt! It’s a food ingredient.

It’s a bad idea to go a baby shower next time. Perhaps it wasn’t a scary experience for me either. In fact, it’s supposed to be a happy occasion with good company. New friends are made along the way and new experience that I will always remember.

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