Set the right priorities in life

11 Nov

I’ve problem to say “no” to people sometimes as I’m too eager to prove that I’m capable to set things right. That was kind of an old story for me. I’ve learnt my lessons the hard way as people will not appreciate me for how I’m trying to do to please everybody. I thought by doing things right people will tend to appreciate and acknowledged my existence. This statement is pretty shallow and immature to me. It seems that I’m being a high school kid trying to fit in a world that will not going to make me happy anyway but otherwise. What’s the point then?

Set the right priority in life. That’s the key. Seriously, you can’t please EVERYBODY in the world. Do the right thing and make things right. That’s more important. Sometimes it’s more challenging to deal and manage adults if I compared it with children. Every adult has their own agenda and mind. Taking other adult’s order to expedite is really brushing off their ego sometimes. Be firm with my decisions could be a challenge but I won’t let it slide just like that.

People misunderstood me for being dominant and being a bitch at work. Business wise, I was taken to be a bitch that being too bold and too straightforward. Well, honey! You want business in a restricted time, planning ahead and sorting out my clients are MUST-DO in my list. No point mingle and waste my time with prospect that has no intention to sign the deal with me. A prospect becoming a suspect, I ran away. It’s gonna be a “hi” and “Bye”! Sound cruel. But again, if you are put into a situation that you have to perform in 25 working day in a month, 8-hour work day,you really need serious time management skills.



Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump & Warren Buffett.

Their difference with us? Amount of money in their bank accounts.

Their similarity with us? Something that we have and they have it too? 24 hours a day. But why they are more successful? Ask yourself.

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