I did it! Finally…

I finally Did it! Crazy thing to do by posting this shit! But hey, whatever right?!

I know. It was like 10 years already. It’s scary and yet I am turning 30! Better try this and just get over with it. I really think this is something that I will never do for the rest of my life. It’s freaking crazy to be open up with it. It’s crazy sick and painful to the max! That’s what I’m thinking when I was lying there waiting. Waiting to proceed with something that I’m going to experience it. Crazy bitch. That’s me. Lying down there and waiting. With lots of crazy thing that been playing in my head. What the hell I’m doing here.

This is what I’m talking about.  What the hell! The expert even told it’s normal thing to do. She asked me not to worry a thing. Everything will be over very soon. When she told me those, I was like, OK! Let’s hope she’s right.

This was the post I blogged years back and I was thinking whether I should go for it after watched this video.

Damn! After watching this, I was like..ok!

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