Home Sweet Home Trip: Started to get warmed up

I would love to stay here longer every time I head to my hometown for a holiday. I really miss the food, the beach, the sunset and most importantly, my family. There are tons of memories triggered in my head in most places that I passes through while I’m in the car. Arrival at the KKIA really excites me that I can’t wait to start my road trip and food trip around KK town.
Traffic is definitely so much better than KL. It’s only congested during peak hours for a short period of time. Most people that think we are still living on the tree, FUCK OFF! When you really step in here, there’s no huge difference if you compared it to PJ/KL. The 1st thing that I hunt for before head to Kundasang, we had tons of chicken wings at Beach 2 food court. I ordered a huge sugar cane drink for myself just to quench my thirst that obviously I’ve yearning it for months! Now that really sounds desperate.

This is the sneak snapshot of the vip lodge that we stayed at Kinabalu Park. More pictures in the post. I took this picture using my BB Curve. So it’s not clear at all for your guys to see. Promise! A better picture in the next post.

Till next time!

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