Quick Nails Fix Up at POSH!

I used to go pedi & mani back in university time back in Sg Long. Then after I finished my studies there, it all went downhill and I seldom to do my nails again. Back to the time then where my nails are always perfect with the perfect latest trendy nail arts that never fail to get my fellow friends’ attention. Apart of being pretty with the nails, regular pedicure helps me to maintain the hygiene between the toes and between the nail bed. Seriously, you really don’t want unpleasant stuff and germs stocked up there into a colony of filthy crap for way too long.

Alright! Enough talking about the filthy thing that gonna make me go.. never mind. Let’s see the end product shall we? As you can see below is my done nails. I choose slightly darker red to make my hand appeared to be fairer. I request manicurist, Elise to trim it shorter and shaped it into squarish one to help me to look professional when meeting with clients. This is to prevent the sharp edges accidentally scratch someone’s face or skin. Maybe next time when I changed my mind to treat my nails as weapon then I’ll request her to shape it into a oval sharp nails instead.

I choose Indulgence Combo. 
After shaping and trimming, then my hands soaked in water to soften the nails cuticle. Then after removed the dead skin and cuticle, Elise scrub my hands followed by a hand massage. Quite relaxing I have to say even if the massage was done in a short time. Hand lotion was applied after that followed by base coat application. Once the coat is dry, nail polish is applied followed by the top coat. One thing about POSH! top coat is that it’s made by high quality components of nail varnish, it helps the nail color to dry faster WITHOUT drying it with a fan/cooler like other nail saloon available in the market. Simple, fast and easy concept that adopted by POSH! perfect for busy ladies out there who’s looking for a quick fix.

For the pedicure, it’s quite similar process with the manicure I explained. It’s just that before scrubbing, Eline the pedicurist removed the dirt inside my toe nails to ensure it’s really clean inside too. It’s not painful as she did it with skill and speed. When she did that, I saw quite a lump of you know what…. Never mind. I’ll skip that. The massage was done longer than the hand massage. Obviously, the legs have more surface area than the hands, well, Eline need to massage more then. When it’s done, I love the smooth clean feeling of my toe nails and my legs. This is a good feeling that I’m not afraid to go barefoot everywhere to show off my perfect colored toe nails.

The sofa chair is so comfortable and you can rest your head against it perfectly. Here I am with my welcome drink pose for my camera phone. Easy and relaxing.
Do feel free to check out their opening promotion until this 31st May 2011. Here is the map for your convenience. 
Do check out the Facebook page by click HERE and follow their Twitter HERE for further information & future promotions.
I can’t wait for their birthday packages & Day Spa treatment. Hmm.. My birthday is coming soon, maybe I’m going to do a Nail Spa Birthday Party for both men and women. I’m gonna drag all the boys to try it. Of course, just buffing the nails, no color involved. So gentlemen, relax, I’m not turning you into a woman!

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