Language Barrier Can Be a Pain in the Ass!

I think it’s very irritating to be in the same room with bunch of people talking among themselves in language that you don’t understand. Especially when you have the same thing over and over again for quite number of years. It’s even worse that people just don’t care of your existence in the room and keep on yaa-daa yaa-daa yaa-daa till I could feel my head gonna explode anytime soon. Imagine you are the only person wondering what the heck they are talking about. Worse, when all of them laughed, you are the only idiot stared at them with a stupid face. 
To be honest! How I wish I could do this to them! Like this…
Well, my mum taught me better than this. Come on. This finger gonna kill my reputation and I’ll be off the good book for the rest of my life. Wait. Who cares anyway?! I’m so tempted to bring these people to my hometown and start talking my language with my family. I really wanna see how they are going to react this time. My turn now! This time I’m gonna see your curious face saying: “what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about-look”! 
Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan sekalian, it’s rude to speak other language to other people when your guests don’t understand when they are in your house,ok?!  I know that you’ve been communicating with each other for God know how many decades with your own language, but don’t you think your guest would feel uncomfortable to be stucked in such situation? Fikir guna kepala la sikit?!
Well, these people just don’t understand as they never been into such situation before. Yea la. Katak di bawah tempurung. Never been to other part of the world & never been mixing around with other ethnic group of people. You ingat this world consists of your own kind of people kah? Buduh sial! Really! Seriously. I really wanted to stay away from these people. But again, we can’t really avoid these things happened,right?
As much I hated that language and my old tongue can’t really adapt to learn a new language. I am amazed with certain people I know that willing to learn new language just to blend in. The best example, my mother. My mum is a pure Chinese-Hokkien speaking woman from Alor Setar married to my 100% Kadazan-Dusun father from Sabah. After 30 years in Kota Kinabalu, mummy bulih cakap macam orang Sabah sudah bah-tu. Terror yo! People thought she’s a Sabahan!
I’m a stubborn person. I always being arrogant when comes to defending my own way of doing things. But again, my mother willing to do that to blend in. That showed how much she willing to sacrifice & took the effort to learn new language/new way of communicating with people. But my question, why must I do it? Why the other party don’t even take the effort to know where/how/what’s interesting about my East Malaysian culture. 
I’m degil. Kena marah every time I speak up my mind. Saying I don’t care about other people’s feeling. Well, are these people care about my feeling? Dua Kali Lima laaaa…

One thought on “Language Barrier Can Be a Pain in the Ass!

  1. Well, I do have to agree with you, thats why I always converse in English for most of the time, especially when I'm with a group of chinese people and my non chinese friend is there too.Sometimes, I guess they didnt do it on purpose, it just that they are too comfortable with their own language already and think that no one would mind.You dont have to learn their language just to blend. I have a friend who's just like you and she always ask like what you guys are laughing about? what is it what is it? Haha she's so cute…Anyway I've been rambling too much already… all the best!

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