Posting Old Pictures: Exclusive Fashion Show and Great Party of the Year! Thanks to Who?

Who else? Advertlets!
I would never thought to post these pictures as all of them taken last year. Cerita lama la babe. But again, who cares? Right?
While I’m de-cluttering my laptop and hard disk, found lots of pictures with happy memories. Most of them were taken last year back in 2009-2010. It has been an eventful year for me. I made many friends in between and cultivated few friendships that turned into closer bond of sisterhood. Who would’ve thought that by attending an event/gathering alone with strangers in the room, I could come out from there with new friends and cultivated into a good friendship along the way.
Age gap is not an issue here. You will be surprised how intelligent these Gen-Y people I know in the blogsphere. Few of them may looked like a spoilt brat that just too busy with the fame they have, but again 1st impression could be wrong. All you need is to say hi and talk to them. It turned out to be they are very friendly and down to earth. Be humble and know your grounds are the main keys here.

With all the access to parties and events, it’s amazing feeling to be there meeting people you would never thought to meet in your whole life. Let’s see the perspective from a plain jane like me, I would never thought that I could just “masuk” to a party whereas you can see celebrities walking around in the club/event. Let’s imagine my usual visit to clubs with friends where all the dance floor filled with strangers. This time, same visual in my head, just replaced all the strangers to celebrities instead. Nice view huh? Instead of handsome-with sunglasses-MACHA DJ in the club, but this time you can take picture with him. This time he’s not your typical Macha DJ. He is… Oh well, the picture said it all.
Enough said.
These pictures will remind me my happy moments with new and old friends. I only picked few of them out of thousands of pictures I took. What the hell? What am I taking? That’s a lot of pictures. Well, folks, till next time. What to blog? Ok! Back to work.
Have a great productive Monday.

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