Modern Sushi this time?

Again. Where to catch up? Perhaps it’s time to try the new sushi place in Sunway Pyramid. I attended the launch and I am pretty much like the food selection. The ambiance is modern and they have a bar too. How cool is that?! Called up my long time high school good friend for a meet up. Robot Sushi is the place to go this time.
Started off with a starter, i.e. ChawaMushi. Steam egg with tasty Gingko nut at the bottom created soothing feeling every bite. Just be cautious as it’s too hot when it’s served and if you decided to slurp into your mouth just like that, just don’t burn your lips.

This one might wrong to me. It looked like something you see a lot in the toilet bowl. But again, it’s not what you think! It’s beef in the outside with cheesy taste in the inside. Trust me. It was so good that we ordered twice for the same dish. Well, never judge the book by its cover. It may looked shitty outside but it’s a real food that makes you order more!

Sashimi are fresh and cold enough when served. I can’t say no the lovely Sashimi that I will never fail to order every time I go for a Japanese restaurant. In fact, there is another dish that I will always ordered and quite particular whether it’s served hot instead of cold. Hot n Cold. Confused. Nothing to be confused of. I just want my cold fresh sashimi and a hot served Miso Soup. These 2 enough to make me a happy customer. See! It’s not hard eh!

The soft shell crab is not a bad idea to order when you come here. It’s quite oily on the surface. The deep fried crab is quite juicy in the inside though. It’s hot enough when served to us that night. 2 thumbs up for this one. But I didn’t ordered the 2nd plate as I am going to make my cholesterol shot up pretty fast if I do that. Control!

The creativity is there when serving the sushi. It seems that the modern concept of Japanese sushi here is focus on the long trail type of serving. Either like a train or a long centipede! God know why they did that. But still it attracted my attention and I can’t stop taking more snapshots to these long centipede sushi.

Did I mentioned about a bar? Yes I did! Plasma TV? Hell yea! So, I mentioned before it’s a modern concept of a Japanese restaurant in the city, I bet the boys gonna love the place here. While the ladies drinking and eating with their cocktails, the boys might wanna catch up with the latest EPL game here in the Japanese Restaurant. Good combination for us.
Food                4/5
Price                4/5
Service             3.5/5
Ambiance         3.5/5
For more info, log on to ROBOT SUSHI. 
It located at 2 outlets. Sunway Pyramid and 1Utama.

4 thoughts on “Modern Sushi this time?

  1. Oh my! Yum! Lovely dishes and the way you describe them… taste yummy, too! How I wish I could fly there now and order! We do not have decent Asian restaurant here in my town in Sweden. Have a pretty day! HOpe all is well.

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