K Pop? Let’s go K Lunch with KimchiHaru

Thanks to Kenneth and Mag, I’ve enjoyed a Korean lunch with a budget set meal and of course with a nice environment with its simple yet elegant decoration. Out of the few choices from set meal menu, I choose KimChiJiGae with rice. The meal was served hot and the spicy soup tingle the taste bud too. I can’t stop sipping the soup though it’s popping hot. That’s what a good food can do to you.
I found the motto an interesting thing to know. Not lot of restaurants out there practices this and strive to serve their customers’ well. Korean food is pretty much famous with their own way to create the taste in the food. No Ajinomoto. Again, Korean don’t use the Japanese seasoning! Of course. But again, it’s a unique way to create seasoning mainly from natural ingredients.

I’ve also ordered the Cheese KimchiJeon. It tasted perfectly good with the melted cheese on top of the fried Jeon. It’s like kueh with cheese. It’s tasty and light for starter before your main meal. The only down side of it that I need longer time to have it. It took longer time to prepare for it compared to the main meal.

This is an interesting starter and this can be refill as long before your main course finished. Nuts, Macaroni, vegetables and potatoes. The 4 tastes while waiting for your meal. It’s quite addicting as I can’t stop nibbling without realized that it’s too little to nib too long. Lucky, you still can ask for refill. But during peak hours, i.e. lunch hour, waitresses might can’t see you waving for more.
For more info, log on to http://wwuw.kimchiharu.com
If you have Facebook account, do feel free to check out their Facebook Page HERE.
Food   4/5
Sevice 4/5
Price   4/5

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