Power of Networking: BNI Supreme-Ampang Chapter Combined Meeting

My usual Wednesday started off with a networking session with fellow members. This time, Ampang Chapter joined us. While others still sleeping, we have a great energy networking with each members as early as 6.30am onwards. It’s great to get to know what’s to catch up with members each week. Networking indeed a skill that requires efforts to master it However, with constant effort and motivation, networking became my 2nd habit within months after joining BNI.
It’s a pleasure to get to know business people from different background. I learnt the bit and pieces from experienced people through networking. I’ve obtained priceless lessons from interesting people in the chapter that I never learn in school, life lessons. You will surprise who these people know and who they have business partnership with.
You will have your jaw dropped. They might looked normal in the outside, but once I get to know about them through networking, I’m surprised who they know. They have great network with powerful people in the business world. BNI indeed given me a platform to grow my business smartly with tremendous awesome business network people.
With guidance from mentor and director of the chapter, all new members eventually get used with the system and grow their network the smart way. For more info about BNI, log on to BNIMalaysia and contact the nearest chapter. See you there and who knows, you might know someone who you want to meet for your whole life.

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