One of the Boys

A friend came back from Russia for a break planned a short drink with his friends. My guys is one on the list. Last minute notification, for a good friend, why not? I was tagged along to meet the boys. We met at mamak, Jalan Gasing. It’s near TP school, whereas the boys named it “Taman Pelacur”! Gosh! These LSPJ boys can be extremely naughty. Boys are boys. No filter when they wanted to speak up. Even with my presence. 
I thought boys jaga mulut and control a bit when they wanted to talk dirty or whatever. Well, I’m one of the boys after years mixing with them. This what happened when you are tagged along with your guy to meet his friends. It’s a good thing though. That means you are accepted into the hood and I’m in their good book. Phew!

Selamba look and the “pai-lang’ pose that don’t even care that I’m a lady watching them doing it. Again, I’m already became one of the boys. Ok. They don’t care. Comfortable with the current state, I guess. LOL! They are friends of many years and catching up once in a while after high school quite a pleasant activity for them. Who says the ladies do gossip?! The boys do gossip too! Maybe different scope of topics. Like, who’s “botak” edy? or Who’s married edy? Who earned the most money now? eh, who-and-who still together ah? Hmm.. I thought so. Not much different with the ladies’ topics?!

I was caught off guard and I was snapped on camera without makeup and with my BIG BERNAMA Yellow T-shirt. Who cares? They don’t. I am one of the boys now. Not only one of the boys, I’m the YELLOW MAN of the night. Tips: Next time if your guy tagged for a boys meet-up, bring newspaper or magazines. Just in case, you will get bored. That night a short drink session, it still a pleasant one. Looking the boys be boys again while I’m trying to be one of the boys too.

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