Food Stop at Pasta Zanmai & Seed Cafe, Mid Valley

2 Feb
Basically out of idea and wondering around what to eat. Thanks to the couple we went with gave the idea to have dinner at Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley. Luckily we reached there like 5 minutes earlier as the place was swarmed with people after we went in. Phew! That was close. After being seated and ordered our food, the review begins. Ok, not that formal though. There was chatting and gossiping in between.
The menu is not so impressive. Lack of variey to choose from. To be in the safe side, I choose a dish that I’m familiar with. Unagi with Egg on top. Bull-eye! The Unagi is tender but lack of seasoning for the maximum taste. The egg, abit cold though. I wonder it is prepared beforehand. It will taste better if it’s prepared and cook while it’s fresh. This one, I’m just gonna give 3/5.
These closer view of the food indeed create the slurry sensation in my mouth. If you are looking for a traditional Japanese food, well I don’t think Pasta Zanmai could give you that. The food concept is the combination of the modern and traditional elements in the preparation of the food.
Food  3/5
Service 3/5
Price 3/5
Better bulk up the service quality or else this might be a short term glory days for you, Pasta Zanmai.
Seed Cafe, Mid Valley

I would say this is a perfect place for catching up with friends. In the middle of busy Mid Valley whereas most places almost FULL HOUSE, my friends and I went to this as it’s not crowded at all. In this place, we could laugh and talk with ease. No irritating anxious people waiting for you to get off the table asap. You can basically take your time and catch up with your friends peacefully. No irritation waiters that get up your nerve because there are too many people to serve. All waiters waiting at designated areas of the cafe, so you don’t have to worry you need to waive for your life to get the bill/order.

Food wise. The choices are pretty much and standard. Not a place for you to have a full set of meal. It’s a place for a bits and bites while chatting with good friends. Yet still, the food was served fresh and up to standard. Pretty quick service too. Overall, I’m pretty much enjoyed my time here. After dinner it’s a nice place to have coffee too.

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