How’s your New Year going on so far?

Been in a running mode for almost 2 months now. There are ups and downs along the way. Few mishaps and there are achievements in between. Up-to-date, I’ve almost achieved 70% of my monthly targets. 30% failed miserably with lack of time management. It’s like a hard fall for me to endure because this 30%  failure could easily be converted into a successful one. But again, time flies and you will never get it back again. The only motivation I got is to move forward and never look back again.
Time management is a skill that I acquire many years back. But, to master this skill takes lots hell of time and effort to get the maximum benefits. I’ve purchased organizer to keep my time intact and pray that I could finish my work on time. However, it’s hard and difficult for me to achieve the optimum results. Interruptions between work steamed my head all the time and never fails to frustrate me.
Thanks to Riyaz and Hayati from BNI, they introduced me to Ventrax planner. It’s superb and it’s really a comprehensive organizer that helps me to organize and manage my time even better. I even included how much time travel time in between before I head for a client appointment. The whole planner also included other elements apart from work related time management. I find this very useful to all busy executives, business owners and sales executives. I would find this a affordable option compared to Anthony Robbins organizer. Founder of Ventrax Management, Dr. Venga is a genius! From a poor adopted boy worked his way up to become one of the most successful businessman. Now, that I want to learn from him.
Jason Fried, Director of TEDx have a radical idea about work. Meetings and daily briefing becoming redundant. To work in a OFFICE no longer the most ideal way to get things done. Totally agreed with him. When people asked me where I managed to get things done efficiently, I always answered: When Bosses stopped harrasing me for sales quota and endless long meeting. Home office is the better option. Don’t you think so? Getting work done is more important than appeared to be busy on the surface, like attending meeting physically. Skype and Video conference, these superb inventions not being invented for nothing.
Check this video out!

Hope your 2011 a productive one. Early planning and constant innovation will help you to achieve your dream effectively without burn out yourself. So far, how’s your goals so far? Achieving it to make it a reality or it’s gonna remains to be a dream afterall.
Something to think about, right?

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