Gatherings That I Love To Be At, or otherwise

Sitting down and chilling for a music is not a bad idea. There’s no harm trying to add more people with you as company. Like most people always says, the more the merrier! We were at Subang Empire Shopping Mall, Italiannies to support Reza Salleh’s gig. We were accompanied our friends who are just got married too. Food is fine and the ambiance gave me a comfortable feeling, what more can I say. It’s one of the great way to spend my Saturday evening with good music and company.

Double date. Right! Maybe it’s not an option when you really need privacy and all the time you have spare time to be spent with your loved one. But again, to spice up a little bit the weekends outings involved a party of 4. It turned out to be, great! Thanked God.
Ok! Weddings make me feel depressed all the time. But again, the only thing I love when I attended weddings is the food. I sounded like a chick who take food as the substitute to distract me from the depressive scenes. The dress, the bride and the slide shows God knows why they even bother to show it to the unmarried people. Showing off how happy they are? I leave that to you. That’s the reason why booze is the must have in weddings. Drink your depression away? 

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