My Facial Treatment with Celmonze

As I promised before that I will be back with my facial treatment experience with Celmonze from my previous blog HERE. This is it!
I made my appointment for the Celmonze’s GENETIQUE Stem Cell Synthesis facial treatment. Sounds very long and high-tech, it’s an anti-aging facial treatment. It is mainly treated to the stem cell level as to prevent further and future aging on the skin. I was greeted warmly by the professional consultant and was given a brief consultation with questionnaires before the treatment.
A brief introduction of the most talked about skin care technology. It’s all started with the preserving the rare Swiss Apple. Thanks to the youthful longevity technology, GENETIQUE Stem Cell Synthesis able to capture the regenerative ability of the rare Swiss Apple. This technology could be applied to the human skin that proven to boost up healing and regenerating renewal process of the skin. Now, aging is not really a big issue for the ladies as there is way to have a long-lasting youthful skin.
The professional treatment started with the preparation step, i.e cleanses and tone. It is to make sure the skin is thoroughly cleans away the makeup and impurities on the skin. This is to ensure the nutrients from the products are well-absorbed to the skin for positive results. I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated even at the early stage of the facial treatment. I experienced the long and slow massaging session on my face during the cleansing part. Imagine this only the initial part. I haven’t reached the main part of the treatment yet.
After cleansing, the exfoliation process took place and the gel was applied on my skin for 10 minutes. Though I felt my skin a little bit tingling, it’s still bearable. This is to remove all dead skins for quicker absorption later. After that, the gel was removed with warm water thoroughly and Neutralizer applied onto my face to stabilize my skin’s PH. This is to ensure my skin is well balanced with the calming effect for the product.
Next, the horror part: EXTRACTION! Initially I was terrified when the beautician telling me that she is going to perform it on me. I was like, WAIT! I scared of pain! Nevertheless, she did it gently as she didn’t required to squeeze it so hard as during the exfoliation process, it has soften the epidermis of my face for easy extraction. Thanked God, this horror process not that scary at all.
The best part of the treatment is here. The facial massage! After booster is applied on my skin, I was asked to inhale the aroma oil for total relaxation. Then the process begins with the face then neck massage. I was taken to the slumber land for a while as the massage was very good!
Back from the nap, my skin felt rejuvenated with the skin activator as to boost the metabolism from inside to generate new skin cells for younger looking skin. A cooling mask was applied on my skin to end the treatment. I felt my skin deeply moisturized and hydrated as well.
Final touch would be the active cream to activate the skin regeneration as well as to lock the moisture on my skin. Once the treatment completed, I felt my skin is smoother and glowing too. My blackheads is lesser and my pores seen to be minimized.
Hurry! This November promotion, by signing up for the GENETIQUE Stem Cell Synthesis, you will be given complementary skincare products worth RM1000+. For more information, please call 03-7725 9925 or visit for further information.

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