Let’s get PINK! with ROXY Project. Ladies, what are you waiting for?

ROXY known to be the capital fashion brand that represent the coastal and mountain casual lifestyle for all women in the world. PINK! Project is the collaboration between ROXY and PRIDE Foundation for the 1st first with the purpose to promote breast cancer awareness. Yes ladies, other than being busy to shop ROXY latest collections it’s time to support the fund raising that empowering program that saves many lives in Malaysia.
The PINK! Tour that was held on 23rd and 24th October  moving forward with the main objective to promote breast cancer awareness and conduct clinical checks in the mobile bus by LPPKN. The sponsorship for the breast check and pap smear to customers are available who purchased ROXY Pink Project merchandise that day itself. Free check-ups and be a part of the charity fund raising while shopping with ROXY, how cool is that! After all, shopping no longer to be known as the time wasting, money wasting activities to certain people. Women craze for shopping with reasons! Valid reason this time with ROXY.
Apart from Breast Cancer Examination, the breast cancer survivors who attended that day did have a sharing sessions. It’s crucial to acknowledge the danger of breast cancer and the importance to get yourself checkups that would save your life in the early stage. Start to know about breast cancer and don’t let the fear might having it stops you to move forward for check up. Most lumps that found in the early stage are not cancerous. Start early and it’s time to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. Our assets, our responsibility to take care of it. Don’t procrastinate as we can’t afford to waste time anymore. Many women suffers of breast cancer due to the late check up and late detection. PRIDE Foundation is the right place to get the support needed to go through the whole process.

Where’s the next stop? This coming 21st November 2010 PRIDE and ROXY will spread the awareness campaign to the next level. All clinical checks are COMPLEMENTARY! So, ladies what are you waiting for? Book this date and block all appointments to support this campaign and get yourself checked as well. It’s time to equipped yourself with the knowledge and bring the awareness to the next level as all women should be the ambassadors for the PINK! Project.
The PINK message will be sent across Klang Valley via their very own Facebook fan page HERE. Let’s join the PINK! campaign and help to make the world a better place by spreading the awareness of the importance of Self Breast Examination that could save lives. Early detection is the key for effective way to prevent breast cancer to spread into critical stage. Get yourself a PINK ribbon today and help to create more awareness on breast cancer. Do you care for your loved ones? Your friends? Your families? If you do, start now! What are you waiting for?

These are the pictures taken during the event:

Here with us the cancer survivors as well the finalist from MIFA
Remember ladies: Keep your Boobies off the Endangered List.

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