PlayStation®Move! Finally in Malaysia!

PlayStation®Move Motion Controller will be available in Malaysia 15th September 2010. The bundle packs, attractive software titles and peripheral to accompany the launch, this will further enhancing the PlayStation®Move Experience!

These are the product line up that will be release in Malaysia market this coming 15th September 2010. Other peripheral also will be included as well that will help to further enhancing the PlayStation®Move experience.

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) announced the release of PlayStation®Move motion controller for the PlayStation®3 system this coming 15th September 2010. A big thanks to Advertlets for the invitation the media launch held at Smoke and Fire, The Gardens Mall.
For Malaysia, a “PlayStation®Move BASIC Pack” will be release that includes a motion controller, PlayStation®Eye camera, PlayStation®Move starter disc and one PlayStation®Move software title such as Sports Champions at a suggested retail price of MYR298.

Other package that also will be released in “PlayStation®Move STARTER Pack” that includes a motion controller, PlayStation®Eye camera and PlayStation®Move starter disc at a suggested retail price of MYR238.

To celebrate the launch of PlayStation®Move in Malaysia, there will be new models for PlayStation®3 with higher storage capacity of 160GB and 320GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD). These will available in stores from September 15, 2010 in Malaysia with the suggested retail price of MYR1,239 and MYR1,299 respectively. Click “HERE” for detailed information on the hardware.

For detailed information, log on to PlayStation®Move Official Website at

*Special promotion limited to PartnerShop from 15th September-31st October 2010 only. For detailed information about PartnerShop, please visit:

May I present you, the sneak peak of PlayStation®Move released soon this 15th September 2010!

Enough said about the technical part. Other than being excited about the upcoming launch of the products, the media launch event was a great and fun experience to all invited guests. We get to feel while playing the games with the motion controller. At first, I was totally clueless about experiencing the game with a stick. It looked more like a microphone to me. However, for a 1st timer like me, it doesn’t take much time to get used to it. Moreover, it’s fun!
The camera showed how we looked like while playing the games. Apparently, someone looked bored and decided to adjust his look with the camera. Well, the camera screen can be used as mirror to certain people. I’m distracted while I’m in the midst killing bugs and to save the world!

Thanks to Sony, all of us get the chance to take a picture with the background and printed out the photo as well. Each of us will be given 2 printed photos with a cardboard to place the photo. One for the lucky draw and one of your own keep. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to win a new PlayStation®Move and a PlayStation®3!

These are the photo taken during the media launch. There are activities going on here. All of us did enjoyed our time here. Hopefully you all enjoy the pictures too. Don’t forget folks, 15th September 2010! Remember Remember, the 15th of September!


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