Singing Craze for No Reason

I was introduced to karaoke singing since the college days. Thanks to my crazy classmates that always opt for k-sing every time we had free time. Student cards and break time in between classes, that’s the minimum requirement to get into singing craze. At first, I am not really into it because I don’t sing! Most of the songs I don’t know how to sing too. It was a really embarrassing moment for me. But again, there’s always a repeat button & audio for vocal button too if you don’t know how to sing. My gang do that all the time. The only thing is you have to learn fast and pick up the melody.

Years go by, singing k no longer only for fun, it’s a other option for you to release your stress. Singing out loud and go along with the beat do make your heart pumped up a bit. As long your company of friends don’t mind your “pitching” of course. Practice at home during your shower time does help to make the pitching problem even lesser. When people applauded after you are done with the last note of the song, you will feel damn good too. There are friends impressed that I even know how to sing Cantonese song!

Neway, RedBox. KBox and whatever box places. I went before. Some pricey, few are dodgy and certain place gave me the bad service that I will never ever wanted to go again. Apparently, Neway is the place that I went the most if compared to the others. Food and ambiance, there are the perfect combination for me to enjoy my k-sessions.

Perhaps, another round with friends again next time!

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