Say Goodbye to Chilis Lunch Mania

Seriously I am officially the “shareholder” for Chillis. Averagely in a week I will eat at Chilis for at least 2 days. yikes! With the steak and the cocktails, it’s gonna contribute my bloated figure and raised blood pressure in no time. Slowing it down recently as I decided to say goodbye with the “C” this time for good. This is of course, for temporary. I hope so. Gosh! Perseverance!

The reasons being, well the bottomless todsada chips and the bottomless drinks! Once in a while, the cocktails always playing in my mind too. Bad Bad drinks with evil calories. Friends and family love to choose this place for gathering too. That’s why I always ended up here to eat in the end anyway. Yea, either TGIF or Chilis. There’s no other choices meh??!

Hereby listed down the farewell meal ordered that day

The mashed potato that will always one of my favorite dish. I will miss the rich butter and creamy texture that never stop to impressed me. Thanks to the taste, I kept taking it non-stop even before my main course.

The soup. Mushroom soup. I would like to thank it for being so smoothy and its rich taste of mushroom. The creamy flavor will always in my mind. Never fail to fill up my cravings for hot and soup dish.

Sometimes, a plain cold water do wonders to my tummy. After having so much different dish in a go, my stomach becoming a war zone that waiting to be exploded. Cocktails? Maybe next time, babe!

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