Movie Review: Step Up 3

Thanks to Advertlets for the pair of tickets from my previous post with the synopsis HERE. I went with @junsern and other bloggers as well. It was a fun night we did have lots of photograph snapshots in between. I can’t wait for the video that taken all the cool moves from the boys who attended the movie screening as well. Wanna know more, stay tuned!

The story line, well it’s kind of cliche to me as I’ve watched Step Up before this. But this time the choreography and the dance moves are better and super awesome too! The unexpected dance moves from the Pirates really amazed me. There are even applause in the cinema during the screening. How awesome is that?!

The other main attraction from this movie is the SHOES!! Check this out, man! Especially the LED glow Nike shoes that appeared in the movie. It seems that having an engineer in dance group is not a bad idea.

The soundtrack in the movie is so cool that it even played “Here I come” by The Roots, which has been one of my favorite band after KORN! Not bad either and it’s tasteful. Now I am so into dancing. Well of course not the hardcore that potentially gonna break my bones. A sexy movement not really hard to right, all I need is tons of practice.

Aren’t they cool? The Pirates! Not to forget, the ROBOT dude really hot and great with his robotic moves too!
Verdict: 6/10

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