Korean Food with Love

Disclaimer: This is based on my personal opinion and do not represent any food establishments. Taste it with your OWN risk.

I started to try out Korean food only recent years. Thanks to my sister who introduced it to me. At first, the only thing that popped into my head is the RED KIMCHI. I was kind of skeptical when comes to food that preserved for the taste. I still remember that after watching the Korean Drama Dae Jang Geum and the Korean Anime version, I’m craving for Korean food even more.

Feel free to click the picture and the link.

#1 Seo Gung SS2

This is the 1st one I visited at Seo Geung on my birthday back in year 2008. I feel in love with Korean food ever since and I don’t mind trying out all types of Korean food in Klang Valley. I went with my family and @junsern for the birthday dinner. I still could recall there was a change of petrol price the next day and the whole PJ’s petrol stations were jammed with cars. We were late for the dinner in a way and quite frustrating as these people just being inconsiderate on the road.

These are the pictures I took my phone:

Pic 1: The BBQ

Don’t fret because all these will be prepared for you by the experts during the process. So, just sit down and relax while waiting for the food ready to serve. Pork and beef are the superb combo when comes to choose the right combo mix for your meal. I would say, this is the type of food that I love a lot. Hot and tasty!

Pic 2: The hot plate – Sotong

Spicy and hot too. The taste is really different than those normal hot plate food that I tried before this at Chinese restaurant. Korean food seasonings always gave the *zing* feeling as my tongue love the foreign taste. Best to eat with white rice and the soup too.

This is the Ginseng Soup with glutinous rice and chicken in it. It’s best to be served hot. Taste will be a bit bitter because of the Ginseng that added into the soup. However, it’s still edible as I myself can’t stop eating and drinking the soup after the first sip. Worth trying.

BiBiBam. That’s right! It’s a really catchy name. I can’t stop repeating saying it with different voice tone! Hilarious! The rice that prepared with the ingredients in a hot stone. The egg yolk that mixed together with the rice after being served on the table.

* pic taken from http://gila-makan.blogspot.com

This is the location in SS2 and how it is looked like from this view. It’s located right next to Bread Talk SS2. With the large signboard, I think it’s pretty easy to locate the restaurant. As for the availability of parking, it will slightly a challenge for customers as SS2 is quite a busy area. It’s much worse during weekends. I would suggest my family and friends to come to the location much earlier to avoid disappointment.

This one was a complimentary dish from the owner. Thank you very much. This is a steamed eggs in a hot clay pot. This mini clay pot appeared many times in the famous Korean drama, Dae Jang Geum. It seems that these pots are very popular among Koreans when comes to prepare a great meal.

This a grill pork meat. To all my Muslim friends, sorry. This is not a suitable place for you guys to try this out. The meat well marinated with the seasonings and the vegetables that stuffed inside the meat made the dish a pleasant one to try.

I’ve included the map for you guys to locate the restaurant. Good luck and hope you guys enjoy and like the food that served here.


Food : 8/10
Ambiance :7/10
Service : 8/10
Price : 8/10

#2 Kimchi, Tropicana City Mall

JS and I went here as we are curious with the new outlet here in TCM. I love the design of the food menu. The ambiance is not bad for a modern Korean restaurant. The difference compared to Seo Geung is that the waiters not that friendly. Sigh. Perhaps they need to bulk up on that.

For all the small dishes here are refillable. That’s what I love about it. Kimchi is the one thing that I can’t stop eating and keep asking for refill! Boss! One MOREEE!

IMPORTANT TIPS: Make sure you keep it refill when your main course is not finished yet. Once you finished the main course, they will NOT entertain you when you ask for refill.

This is the pancake that made of eggs and vegetables. It’s quite a light dish to have. However, it will taste better if it’s served hot.

The restaurant located at Tropicana City Mall, 1st Floor Lot 1-57. Feel free to visit HERE for more information on the restaurant.


Food : 7/10
Ambiance :8/10
Service : 5/10
Price : 6/10

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