Double Date on Sunday Evening

It was an initial plan to go hangout at the Bangsar Bazaar so that we could grab a bite on the Ramadhan food! Thanks to the heavy downpour, the plan was cancelled. Instead, we just decided to go Mid Valley for the Exhibition! We had a dinner at Pasta Zanmai at Mid Valley branch. Luckily we managed to get a table slightly earlier as the place was crowded a while after that. I guess other eating places were crowded as that time was for buka puasa among Muslims.

Junsern and I ordered a set meal that consists of Unagi rice and the Tempura with Pasta. It’s a combo of 2 in 1 fusion of rice and pasta. Not bad for couple who wish to share and choose to eat light plus to taste both world of rice and pasta in 1 meal. The service wasn’t that impressive as most of the waiters were not attentive. I need to shout to them for attention. Well, raising your hand and get attention are not the option to get service from them, FAST!

The 2nd part of menu, i.e. Pasta with Tempura came late and we reminded the waitress TWICE for the food. That explained what I’ve mentioned just now. Not attentive and service not impressive for a nice place like this. Worse, the bill charged us service tax! This is ridiculous. How I wish that customers are given choice for not to pay that bloody service tax.

After the exhibition, we did took lots of brochures for the travelling information as a head start for me to plan where to go. I am so looking forward for the Matta Fair this coming September. See you all there! Don’t forget to go,yea!

The couple looked amazed! I wonder where they wanted to go this time?

We went to SEED cafe for a drink and ordered snacks. I got hungry and my mouth itchy too after walked around for a while during the exhibition. Big eater, I am indeed! Laughed and chat along the way before we headed home around closing time.


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