Reza Salleh Great Performance @ Empire Gallery Italiannies

14 Aug
I went for his performance for the 1st time months ago at No Black Tie and I found that he’s a good vocalist. Not a expert in music myself but when comes to good music performance, I know whether this guy is the real deal or not.

His songs mainly about life, traffic jams or even about female species. The 2nd time I went to see his performance was at Empire Gallery, Italiannies. A song writer himself also proved us that his songs able to capture our attention with his meaningful lyrics.

Thanks to Kevin, Reza sang Wonderwall by Oasis specially for all the La Sallian attended that night and we enjoyed it very much. Way to go, Reza! Bass and violin made his music even better during the performance. Accompanied by food and great friends, this is the kind of Saturday night that I would love to look forward next time.

Set List During Performance

Set 1

1. Sunsets with you
2. For Her
3. What the Hell just Happened,
4. Half The Soul
5. Let her cry by hootie and the blowfish

Set 2
6. The World I know by collective soul
7. SoulTune
8. Bamboozled
9. Make of Break
10. Relic

Set 3
11. Wonderwall by oasis
12. Angan-Angan Permata
13. Straciatella
14. Talking bout’ a Revolution by tracy chapman
15. Moondance
16. Drive

50 down the way
when i come around by greenday

From Left-

Bassist: Kevin Theseira, Vocalist & Guitarist: Reza Salleh, Audience: me, Violinist & Pianist: Savy Ho Yie Yin

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