My Happy Moment with Cookie

This is my ultimate guidance on getting the best dog for me. I’m a dog person instead of cat. But it doesn’t means that I hate cats. They have their own personality when comes to interaction with their masters. This book was given to me as a present when I was still in college. Family knew that I love dogs so much and bought this book for me. Thanks to busy schedules and commitments to other matters, till to date I am still looking for the right to get a dog, my best friend who is going to be spending great moment with me for the rest of our lives. Awaiting for the right one to come by…

This cute little chap named Cookie is a 8 years old mix breed Jack Russell. She is so adorable and know how to entertain her masters’ friends whenever they came to the house. She belongs to my friend and it’s a pleasure to play with little C as she melted our heart with her big dopey eyes of hers. Awww… These are dangerous eyes to certain people. Why? These are the eyes that never fail to manipulate human whenever little C wants something from you, i.e. FOOD!

There she is. Little C and I took a snap shot while I’m playing with her. She is so calm and do not run around barking loudly like Little B. Well, she got another adopted sibling called Brownie. Little B is a pure breed Jack Russell who never stop barking and running around the house. She scared of us when we came into the house. She ran so fast that we can’t even get a snapshot of her. Sigh… Maybe next time? When we could convince her that we are her new good friends that she needn’t be scared to get near to us.

So, what’s my DREAM Dog?

A Welsh Corgi, A Pembroke to be precise

They are so adorable and very loyal too. I need not say more. Because these pictures say it all! Enjoy..

Lastly, this is the reason why I wanna a Pembroke! Aren’t he adorable?


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