Those with the days-Badminton Fever in KL

For the sake to stay away from KL traffic, we decided to have a dinner at Chillis, KLCC. On the same day, Final between Lin Dan and Chong Wei was on too. Luckily we managed to get there like 1 minute earlier or else we might need to wait for our table again!

Junsern is enjoying his dinner while my sis and I extending our neck to the next level where human can’t reach! Just kidding. We sat at the wrong spot obviously. The TV was on top of us instead. The thrill and the shouting while having dinner in Chillis don’t really happened that often, so might as well, we just joined the crowd, for fun.

This is what I’m talking about. Taking our neck to the next level, like 45 degree!

I think mine is around 78-85 degree!

See! This is the wrong place to be you…Damn you TV!!!

The food is only entertainment for me to get through the time. Of course, with the lifting up my neck on and off throughout the tournament too. Well, the view of the KLCC park was not that bad after all. At least, I could ease my neck to view the park during intervals.

This is the reason why we could stay so long even after our main courses are finished. Bottomless weeeerr!

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