Overwhelmed Dinner at Kwan’s then Supper with Murni

Location: Madam Kwan’s, KLCC


It was an evening outings with sister after work. Again, we would like to avoid the typical KL mad traffic before we head home that evening and decided to have a meal at Madam Kwan’s. The place was quite crowded as usual even the price bit pricey for the food. But again, sis would like have a taste on the food. Sp, why not?

The taste is really addictive for the 1st few bites. After a while, I felt that the taste from the gravy was overwhelming. I guess, it’s too much of flavoring, a.k.a Ajinomoto! Not good for the health, though. So, I can’t managed to finish it. Next time, it’s advisable to order a plate of it but shared by two person.

The 2nd dish we ordered was the kangkung with garlic. This is superb for those who wish to eat a lighter meal for dinner. After overwhelmed by the War Tan Hor’s gravy, I curi this dish from my sis and eat with rice from hers too. Tasty as it reminds me of home cooked meal.

But again, the overwhelming feeling from the gravy also saved by the Lime Juice that I’ve ordered. Lime helps me to digest even faster and I ended hungry again later in the night and went for a supper! Sigh.. How to achieve slimmer figure with my appetite like that?!

Location: Murni, SS2


Begging and dragged @junsern to bring me to the SS2 for 2nd Dinner = Supper! I have the sudden craving for the Roti Hawaii and the Nasi Lemak Ayam. Not to forget their Teh Ais with the creamy taste that I was addicted since the first time I came to Murni for a meal.

From the photos, the Roti Hawaii served with dal/curry gravy for me to dip it for a little taste. The sausages are quite good to start off and eventually I felt full very fast too. Thanks to the chicken meat that also included into the Roti Hawaii. Again, greedy and can’t finish it. Advice, share with your friends! In this case, @junsern helped me to finish it in the end. Sigh! As much I wanna eat all of it, but I can’t! Damn you! You small tummy of mine.

But despite of being greedy and can’t finish my food, I still pandai-pandai wanna curi @Junsern’s Nasi Lemak Ayam! This one, Syiok to the max! The sambal is full with taste and the rice was served hot. The chicken was marinated with ingredients and served hot made me curi more chicken from his plate! Evil me… Nyiek!!

The egg is so perfect as the egg yolk still intact. It’s perfect for those who wish to mix it with sambal with the rice. With such combination, this will make you eat faster and finished it fast. Then order another one!

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