Movie Review: Inception

I would to thank FEEQSAYS for the free movie pass to watch Inception with other bloggers & public at Cineleisure.

Movie detail:
Movie: Inception
Venue: Cineleisure Cathay Cinema
Time:11 a.m
Date: 17.07.2010
Day: Saturday

It was a great morning for me as it’s the time where the cinema had less crowd compared to normal time say, in the afternoon weekends. I’m pleased to meet up with other bloggers like Amelia, Brendan, Marcus & even meet few new bloggers along the way too.
Let’s see what it’s all about.


Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Leonardo Di Caprio
Marion Cottilard
Ellen Page
Tom Hardy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Cillian Murphy
Tom Berenger


Inception stars Leonardo Di Caprio as Dom Cobb, who works in subconscious security and steals ideas from people’s minds while they’re sleeping – via a shared consciousness. But this time, he is asked to do something else. This time is different mission that he always does. Plant an idea into the subject’s mind. Through the subject’s dream, an idea will be planted into the mind, i.e. Inception is complete.

Who’s the subject? Who wants to hire Cobb?

He’s approached by Ken Watanabe’s Saito. He wants to bring down a rival company and its new heir of the company Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy) by getting Cobb and a team to plant an idea into a rival’s brain. However, inception of an idea isn’t the easiest thing to carry out & it’s believed that it never be done before.

The whole movies took us to the deepest dream and thrill. Without concentrate into the movies, I am going to get lost in the movie too! I love the action scene and the whole new concept of the movie. Even it’s pretty much similar to Matrix, where audience were brought into the fantasy world of human mind.

The twist lies on the ending part about his wife. Apparently, his wife is the major contribution that Cobb very much confident to carry his mission despite of his team mates doubt on his ability to complete the mission.

As a verdict, I would give 9/10 for this.

As for the trailer, enjoy the video that I included in this movie review.


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